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United States Latin America and the Caribbean Trade Developments 2019

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  • NU. CEPAL. Oficina de Washington
UN symbol.: LC/WAS/TS.2019/8 43 p. Editorial: ECLAC December 2019


This report presents a description of trade flows between the U.S. and Latin American and the Caribbean. The region has been one of the fastest-growing regional trading partners for the United States, with Mexico becoming its number one trading partner in March 2019. The document also contains a summary of the main findings of the United States International Trade Commission on the potential economic effects of the USMCA on the U.S. economy, highlights of developments in the trade relationship between the United States and China, and measures that inhibit the free flow of trade. In addition, this year’s report includes an overview of U.S. financing for development and financial assistance.

Table of contents

Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. U.S. Trade in Figures .-- II. Trade developments .-- III. Import policies .-- IV. U.S. Foreign Assistance.