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A study on the creative industry as a pillar of sustained growth and diversification : the film and music sectors in Jamaica : lessons from case studies of successful firms and ventures

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Author: Hendrickson, Michael - Stanley Niaah, Sonjah UN symbol.: LC/CAR/TS.2017/20 75 p. Editorial: ECLAC March 2018


This study identifies the critical success factors that have resulted in the global competitiveness and sustainability of individuals, firms and ventures within the music and film subsectors in Jamaica. To anchor the study of the individual firms and ventures, the study first evaluates the historical evolution and recent trends in the development of the music and film subsectors, including their economic contribution and the main challenges and opportunities for their further development and lessons learned.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Music and the changing digital landscape .-- II. The film industry in Jamaica .-- III. Recommendations to facilitate the development of a more successful film and music industry in Jamaica .-- IV. Conclusion.