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Governance of strategic minerals in Latin America: the case of Lithium

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Author: Perotti, Remco - Coviello, Manlio UN symbol.: LC/W.669 56 p. Editorial: ECLAC September 2015


The objectives of this report are twofold: The first is to provide an integrated overview of the governance of strategic minerals in the Latin American and Caribbean region, focused on sharing the economic-resource rent. The second objective is to provide a context for the policy proposal of the Chilean National Lithium Commission (NLC. The collected data, and information, on the various fiscal regimes can be used as a reference for further research.
The objectives in this report are met by analyzing distinct aspects of strategic mineral governance, in three different parts. The lithium-industry serves as a case study for this report, as an example of a strategic mineral.

Table of contents

Introduction .-- I. The lithium industry .-- II. Sharing the economic resource rent .-- III. The lithium industry .-- IV. Profiles of lithium producing countries .-- V. Lithium governance in Chile .-- VI. The national lithium commission.

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