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Training report #2- report on training programme conducted November 2013 in Jamaica

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19. : tables. Editorial: ECLAC December 2013


This project, "Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean", implemented by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC) will support the following:
- Technical assistance to three countries of the Caribbean in the evaluation of existing fiscal systems and regulations as they relate to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies so as to identify gaps and barriers to implement these technologies and to provide options for their removal  Development of national documents on strengthening fiscal and regulatory systems for at six countries – Guyana, Curacao, Belize, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Antigua & Barbuda
- Provision of technical assistance in proposing innovative fiscal and regulatory incentives to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives in three countries
- Development of a training manual on innovative fiscal and regulatory incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives
- Implementation of capacity building workshops on best practices to improve the fiscal and management environment with a view to support the employment of EE and RE initiatives
- Development of three national (Aruba, The Bahamas and Suriname) energy policies that incorporate strategies for energy efficiency and the employment of renewable energy technologies. These may be used as examples for other Caribbean countries.

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