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From social innovation to public policy. Success stories in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Author: Rey de Marulanda, Nohra - Tancredi, Francisco UN symbol.: LC/W.351 149 p.: grafs., tabls. Editorial: ECLAC September 2010


ECLAC, with support from the W.K.Kellogg Foundation, identified and reviewed 4,800 social innovation experiences of Latin America and the Caribbean, gleaned in five annual competition cycles. After conducting on-site visits and evaluating the projects, the Selection Committee chose 25 winners it considered the most innovative and that had the greatest impact on the region's social development.
The book's objective is to place these innovations and, above all, their capability for improving living conditions for every inhabitant of the region, at the service of broader groups of the population. The mass application of the experiences compiled here indisputably will contribute to the coveted fulfillment of the Millenium Development Goals, wich are just five years away from the 2015 deadline.
The region still faces the challenge of transforming these successful initiatives into public policy to fight against poverty and to affirm respect for economic, social and cultural rights

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