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CEPAL Review no.73

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CEPAL Review no.73

Physical Description: 184 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: April 2001 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2130-P ISSN: 02512920 ISBN: 9211213347

Table of contents

Why is there so much economic insecurity in Latin America? / Dani Rodrik. -- Strengthening regional financial cooperation / Manuel R. Agosin. -- The Latin American social agenda in the year 2000 / Rolando Franco and Pedro Sáinz. -- Education and development in Brazil, 1995-2000 / Paulo Renato Souza. -- Educational reform in Chile / José Pablo Arellano Marín. -- Social protection for the poor in Latin America / Norman Hicks and Quentin Wodon. -- Old and new forms of citizenship / Martín Hopenhayn. -- Industrial policy, comparative advantages and growth / Jaime Ros. -- Brazil in the 1990s: an economy in transition / Renato Baumann. -- Job-seeking strategies in Trinidad and Tobago / Kathleen Valtonen.