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Measuring the impact of quality infrastructure in Latin America: Experiences, achievements and limitations

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Measuring the impact of quality infrastructure in Latin America: Experiences, achievements and limitations

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL. ILPES-German Society for International Cooperation Physical Description: 175 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: February 2015 ECLAC symbol: LC/W.588


This document, which is partly based on by the study Impacto de la Infraestructura de la Calidad en América Latina, is a second joint effort by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) to move towards a more detailed understanding of the role played by the Quality Infrastructure in opening up possibilities for the countries in the region to innovate and compete. Through methodological analysis and the realization of case studies at the national level in certain countries in the region, the document seeks to offer a more comprehensive picture of the impact of the Quality Infrastructure and its importance for the economic and social development of countries. The document analyzes various QI related aspects, with particular emphasis on a review of conceptual elements, the role of the QI in the innovation systems of countries and a brief analysis of a set of case studies in Latin American countries. It also identifies a series of challenges and limitations for carrying out impact studies. These elements are taken up again in the final conclusions of the book, where a number of policy recommendations are outlined.

Table of contents

Foreword .-- Part I Introduction to quality infrastructure. I. I. Introduction to the quality infrastructure /
Karl-Christian Göthner. II. II. Quality infrastructure and innovation /
Jan Peuckert, Taynah Lopes de Souza and Axel Mangelsdorf. III. III. Cooperation between the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology,
Quality and Technology (INMETRQ) and the German National Institute of Metrology (PTB): approaches and effects /
Jorge Gongalves and Taynah Souza .-- Part II Economic and social impacts of the quality infrastructure:
An analysis based on case studies. IV. IV. Economic impact study of weighing scales on entry to ports and industrial plants /
Mariela Saavedra. V. V. Economic impact study of the verification of liquid fuel pumps /
Mariela Saavedra. VI. VI. Impact assessment based on the implementation of Resolution JD 760 of the ASEP with respect to electrical energy meters /
Gabriela de la Guardia. VII. VII. Evaluation of the impacts resulting from the development of certified reference material for ethanol in water: an analysis based on a multicriteria method /
Andre Tortato Rauen, Leonardo Ribeiro, Rodnei F. Dias, Taynah Lopes de Souza and Taiana Fortunato Araujo. VIII. VIII. The contribution of accreditation on exports of marine products from Peru /
Augusto Mello, Jean Carlos Sánchezand Viviana Salgado. IX. IX. Impact of the quality infrastructure on the dairy chain in Uruguay /
Claudia Santo and Elizabeth Ferreira. X. X. Impact study on the services provided by LATU in the framework of the national quality infrastructure to the Uruguayan wine sector /
Martin Fossatl .-- Part III Methodological aspects of impact studies on the quality infrastructure. XI. XI. Proposal for a set of indicators to measure the performance and the impact of the National Metrology Network and its designated laboratories
as a Virtual National Metrology Institute. The case of Chile /
Karl-Christian Gothner. XII. XII. The certification process for Peruvian pisco: a proposal for measuring its main effects /
Ricardo Fortand Mauricio Espinoza. XIII. XIII. The infrastructural impacts of the quality infrastructure /
Jorge Gongaives. XIV. XIV. Lessons and policy recommendations for the quality infrastructure /
Ulf Hillnerand Alexis Valqui. -- Epilogue: A guide to designing impact assessment studies on quality infrastructure.