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Social Panorama of Latin America 2014

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UN symbol.: LC/G.2635-P ISBN: 978-9211218824 ISSN: 10205160 286 p.; grafs., tabls. Editorial: ECLAC December 2014


The 2014 edition of Social Panorama of Latin America presents ECLAC measurements for the analysis of income poverty, taking, as well, a multidimensional approach to poverty. Applying these two approaches to data for the countries of the region provides confirmation that despite the progress made over the past decade, structural poverty is still a feature of Latin American society. In order to contribute to a more comprehensive design of public policies aimed at overcoming poverty and socioeconomic inequality, this edition examines recent trends in social spending and sets out a deeper gap analysis focused on three areas: youth and development, gender inequality in the labour market and urban residential segregation.

Table of contents

Introduction .-- Summary .-- Chapter I: Poverty in Latin America: achievements so far and challenges ahead .-- Chapter II: Income distribution, polarization and perceptions .-- Chapter III: Youth: critical areas of the agenda for development with equality .-- Chapter IV: Gender inequality in the labour market and its impact on socioeconomic inequality: what
gains could be made? .-- Chapter V: Residential segregation and the reproduction of inequalities .-- Chapter VI: Recent trends in social spending and social investment in young people.