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CEPAL Review no.80

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UN symbol.: LC/G.2204-P ISBN: 9211214394 ISSN: 02512920 199 p.: grafs., tabls. Editorial: CEPAL August 2003

Table of contents

Whither reform? Towards a new agenda for Latin America / Joseph E. Stiglitz. -- Globalization and financial crises in Latin America / Roberto Frenkel. -- Globalization and international migration: the Latin American Experience / Andrés Solimano. -- Brazil’s second catch-up: characteristics and constraints / Antonio Barros de Castro. -- Has trade liberalization created pollution havens in Latin America? / Rhys Jenkins. -- Resolving international trade and investment disputes / Gonzalo Biggs. -- Social vulnerability, insurance and risk diversification in Latin America and the Caribbean / Ana Sojo. -- Employment and structural mobility. Revisiting a Prebischian theme / Adolfo Gurrieri and Pedro Sáinz. -- Labour intermediation services: lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean / Jacqueline Mazza. -- “Japanization” of the employment relationship: three cases in Argentina / Makoto Sano and Luis Alberto Di Martino. -- CEPAL Review on the Internet. -- Recent ECLAC publications.