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Formulating bankable aid for trade projects: Guidance document

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Formulating bankable aid for trade projects: Guidance document

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL-NU. ECA Physical Description: 48 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: August 2014 ECLAC symbol: LC/W.615


The purpose of this document is to introduce broad guidelines on how to develop bankable Aid for Trade (AfT) projects and programmes and successfully position these within the AfT initiative, taking into account current perspectives and requirements of key AfT development partners. The guide aims to enable the systematic analysis of the constraints to trade for a country/region, the identification of needs, and the formulation of project and programme proposals that are ‘bankable’ and ready to be presented to development partners for funding under the broad umbrella of AfT.

Table of contents

I. Introduction .-- II. What makes a project an aid for trade project .-- III. Effective aid for trade .-- IV. Formulating aid for trade projects and programmes .-- V. Cross-cutting issues .-- VI. Building aid for trade into design.