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ICT and gender

September 2011|Bulletins » Newsletter eLAC
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ICT and gender

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL Physical Description: 12 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: September 2011

Table of contents

Information and communications
technologies: essential tools for achieving
gender equality. By UN-WOMEN, Andean
Sub-Regional Office. -- “Training telecentre operators as technology
leaders in their social environment is an ongoing
task”, interview with Olga Paz Martínez. -- For an information society with gender
equity. By Dafne Sabanes Plou. -- “Including women in ICT can make a big
difference in narrowing the digital divide”,
interview with Zoraida Franco. -- “We see the potential of ICT for rearranging
family communication networks”, interview with
Juan Eduardo Rojas .-- “ICT might be the most tangible tool we have
right now to fight gender discrimination”,
interview with Martin Hilbert.