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The Argentine labour market in a financially globalized world

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The Argentine labour market in a financially globalized world

Author: Damill, Mario - Frenkel, Roberto Physical Description: páginas. 103-124 Date: April 2006 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2289-P


Argentina's experience in recent decades as regards employment
generation and wages has been very disappointing, and has had clear
consequences for income distribution and other social indicators. This
study examines the evolution of the labour market, with special emphasis
on the 1990s, and also addresses the notable changes that have been
taking place in recent years after the crisis of the convertibility regime. In
general terms, it finds that the evolution observed in the labour market
and income distribution is very closely linked with macroeconomic
performance, both in previous phases and in the recent recovery stage.
It examines in particular the negative effects of the experiences of trade
openness and exchange rate appreciation in the late 1970s and the 1990s,
which are in stark contrast with the present situation, especially in terms
of employment generation.