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The accumulation process and agrofood networks in Latin America

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The accumulation process and agrofood networks in Latin America

Author: Bisang, Roberto - Gutman, Graciela E. Physical Description: páginas. 113-127 Date: December 2005 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2287-P


Within the context of the evolution of world markets and new
models of trade openness, several agrofood product lines in MERCOSUR
countries have shown strong dynamism in recent decades, becoming focal
points (axes); of accumulation and economic growth. The expansion of
production and the higher levels of competitiveness achieved have been
based on the organization of these product lines in networks or complexes;
on the adoption of technology packages from abroad with minimal local
adaptation, as part of the globalization of new paradigms; on the emergence
or consolidation of groups of big firms in the main stages of these networks,
and on clearly defined forms of insertion in external markets. This article
argues that the transnationalization of relevant segments and markets of
these complexes affects the possibilities of local or regional development,
in particular, the generation of locally dense and diversified production
networks with equitable distribution of rents, income and profits.