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The strategies pursued by Mexican firms in their efforts to become global players

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The strategies pursued by Mexican firms in their efforts to become global players

Author: Salas-Porras, Alejandra Physical Description: páginas. 133-153 Date: August 1998 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2033-P


Almost 60% of the biggest non-financial groups in Mexico carry on at least two types of activities in transnational markets. This article describes and analyses the various internationalization paths and strategies of Mexican firms. This drive for internationalization is taking place against the background of an open export-oriented economy and growing integration with the United States and Canada. There are various national and international factors, as well as others specific to the firms themselves, which influence the strategies chosen and their results. This article consists of an introduction (section I);, followed by six sections analysing the various paths followed by Mexican firms in order to become "global players". Section II identifies the firms which have set up subsidiaries in developed countries. Section III reviews the firms which have resorted to strategic alliances that could convert them into transnational corporations, and some outstanding examples of this are cited. Section IV describes the presence of Mexican firms on the international securities markets and the interaction that this involves with world financial institutions. Section V looks at the strategies followed by some Mexican firms in order to establish global marketing networks. Section VI examines the rapid expansion of the solutions and strategies applied by firms to gain a world-level position, and finally section VII offers some conclusions evaluating the paths and preferences of Mexican firms seeking to become transnationals, the obstacles they have had to overcome, and the consequences of their international activities.