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In our collection of publications on Productive and Business Development, we address the most relevant topics for the growth and sustainability of the productive and private sectors. Explore crucial areas such as agriculture and rural development, structural change, and privatizations. We also study the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT), foreign direct investment, and the development of SMEs. Additionally, our publications offer a detailed analysis of industrial policy and development, providing a comprehensive platform for academics, policymakers, and entrepreneurs committed to productive development. Highlighted topics: Agriculture and rural development, Structural change, Privatizations, Business strategies, Business networks and clusters, Information and communication technologies (ICT), Foreign direct investment, SMEs, Industrial policy and development.

Cambio estructural y sectores productivos
Inversión extranjera y empresas transnacionales
Pequeñas y medianas empresas
Tecnologías de la información
Políticas públicas
Serie Seminarios y conferencias