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Citizen Security and Labour Statistics, Main Topics at ECLAC Meeting in Ecuador

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5 July 2012|Press Release

Authorities and experts will also address cooperation activities among national statistic systems in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

(29 June 2012) Citizen security and international recommendations on labour statistics will be the main topics addressed during the Eleventh Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Statistical Conference of the Americas (SCA) of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), to be celebrated in Quito, Ecuador, from 2-4 July.

Both issues will be discussed at two substantial seminars seeking, on the one hand, to share experiences on the calculation of citizen security indicators and invite proposals for improving and increasing the availability of comparable measurements of such indicators; and on the other, to analyze the recommendations made by the International Labour Organization (ILO) concerning labour statistics and review the concepts to be examined at the next International Conference of Labour Statisticians, to be held in Geneva, in October 2013.

The Eleventh Meeting of the Executive Committee of SCA-ECLAC will be inaugurated on Monday, 2 July at 9:00 am. Authorities and experts on statistical topics from ECLAC's member States are expected to attend the event. They will also review the progress made on the implementation of the regional and international biennial cooperation activities agenda for 2012-2013, adopted by the Statistical Conference of the Americas at its sixth meeting, celebrated in the Dominican Republic, in November 2011.

For this purpose, the progress made by each SCA-ECLAC work group on censuses, monitoring progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, gender statistics, national accounts, institution-building and environmental statistics, among others, will be exposed.

ECLAC's Statistical Conference of the Americas is a subsidiary body of this UN regional commission. Among its mandates are the promotion of development and the improvement of national statistics and their international comparability; international, regional and bilateral cooperation among national offices and international and regional organizations; and the preparation of a biennial agenda of activities responding to the demands of the countries in the region.

The media are invited to take part in the inauguration of the Eleventh Meeting of the Executive Committee of SCA-ECLAC, to take place at the Hotel Hilton Colón in Quito. The rest of the sessions will be private.

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