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Ban Ki-moon Calls for a Further Strengthening of Democracy and Equality in Andean Countries

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16 February 2011|Press Release

The Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, was among officials who accompanied the Secretary-General on his visit to the two countries.


Alan García, Presidente de Perú (izq), junto a Ban Ki-moon, Secretario General de la ONU.
Alan García, Presidente de Perú (izq), junto a Ban Ki-moon, Secretario General de la ONU.
Foto: ANDINA / Carlos Ledezma

(16 February 2011) During a two days visit to Ecuador and Peru, which concluded yesterday night, the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, called on both South American countries to further strengthen their democratic institutions and extend the benefits of development to the most disadvantaged populations, including indigenous peoples.

Officials accompanying Ban Ki-moon included the Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Oscar Fernández-Taranco, as well as other senior UN representatives.

In Quito, the UN Secretary-General was welcomed by the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, at the Carondelet Palace, where he expressed his support for the Government and the country's democratic institutions following the police uprising on 30 September.

He also met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration, Ricardo Patiño, and was declared a "Distinguished Guest" of Quito by the city's Mayor, Augusto Barrera.

"I trust that with dialogue, Ecuador will continue to strengthen its institutions, advance development and forge solidarity", stated Ban Ki-moon at the press conference.

During his speech, the UN Secretary-General said he welcomed Ecuador's new Constitution, which represents a positive development for the advancement of indigenous peoples' rights, while also calling for further progress to be made in closing the gaps in its implementation.

During his visit to Peru, Ban Ki-moon was welcomed by President, Alan García, and the Foreign Affairs Minister, José Antonio García Belaunde. He was also declared a "Distinguished Guest" of Lima by the city's Mayoress, Susana Villarán.

Ban Ki-moon highlighted Peru's successes in terms of economics, integration, climate change and narrowing the digital divide, as an example to all nations.

In a meeting with journalists, the UN leader also celebrated Peru's achievements in terms of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in the areas of child mortality, universal access to education and gender parity.

"Your challenge now is to spread these gains equally to all your most vulnerable people, particularly in rural areas, where the majority of indigenous peoples live", he said.

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