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Authorities and Experts to Discuss Post-crisis Fiscal Policies

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20 January 2010|Press Release

The XXII version of this forum will address the impact of the crisis on public finances, economic reactivation plans, social spending and inequality, among other issues.

(20 January 2010) Authorities and experts from the region and international organizations will discuss crisis exit strategies and the fiscal policy challenges faced by governments during the XXII Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy, to open on Tuesday, January 26 at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Antonio Prado, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, will inaugurate the event at 9 a.m. High-level government officials and representatives of international and multilateral organizations will take part in the seminar, which lasts until January 29.

Participants will discuss potential exit strategies from the crisis, its impact on public finances, economic reactivation plans and means for international financial bodies to support these initiatives. They will also analyze social expenditures, social cohesion and inequality.

The seminar is organized by the Office of the Executive Secretary of ECLAC through the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES), and is co-sponsored by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Inter-American Development Bank. It is financed by the German Development Agency GTZ and the Finance Ministry of Chile.

The Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy is held every year and seeks to promote discussion on current events in the area of public finances.

The media is welcome to participate in the seminar (ECLAC headquarters, Av. Dag Hammarskjöld 3477, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, Raúl Prebisch Conference Room).

More information and the seminar agenda are available on the ECLAC website.

For further questions, contact seminar coordinator Ricardo Martner (ILPES, ECLAC). E-mail: ; Telephone (562) 210-2618; Fax: (562) 206-6104.

To request interviews, contact ECLAC's Information Services at: and telephone (56 2) 210-2149.