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Research Data Management (RDM): A set of good practices

The new libguide developed by the Library under the LEARN Project

29 August 2017|Briefing note

The new RDM libguide, developed by the Library under the LEARN Project funded by the recently completed European Commission, provides resources for training on Research data

The Hernán Santa Cruz Library at ECLAC in Santiago, Chile recently launched the first Library Guide on Research Data Management (RDM) in Spanish language. The Libguide - based on material from European and other research institutions - has the purpose of offering information about RDM to researchers and information professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the context of the LEARN Project, financed by the European Commission, the Hernán Santa Library, together with other four European institutions (UCL, University of Barcelona, University of Vienna, and LIBER) started in 2015 to work to raise awareness in research data management and to promote the LERU Roadmap to the international community.

The "Research Data Management" libguides is aimed at researchers, information managers and other communities of professionals interested in the implementation of good practices in the management of data, regardless of the discipline or field of knowledge.

Structured into three modules, the Library can be explored sequentially or selectively, according to the interests and needs. The first module, Conceptualization of the GDI, allows to understand the context of the RDM, its key concepts, benefits and relevance in the present, and understand the life cycle of the data in the context of research. The second module introduces the concept of Data Management Plan (DMP), and it outlines the general rules of adequate data management. It provides a set of good practices in the management of research data, to elaborate a Data Management Plan and to maintain it throughout the research process. The third module on Data Management, allows to understand the aspects that characterize management, organization, storage and preservation of data; and the linkage of data management with property rights and their use and sharing.

We invite you to send your comments, and case studies on GDI implementation in the region, so that we can jointly feed the guide with new experiences and knowledge to:

URL of the Biblioguía: ://


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