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Report of the UN Secretary-General on environmental crimes highlights the Escazú Agreement

16 August 2022|Briefing note

In his report on preventing and combating crimes that affect the environment presented to the Seventy-seventh session of the General Assembly, the UN Secretary-General provides information on the implementation of Assembly resolution 76/185 and offers recommendations for possible future action.

In support of resolution 76/185, the report highlights the Escazú Agreement as an instrument that provides effective assistance and protection for those persons who contribute to combating in a peaceful manner crimes that affect the environment. It recalls that the Escazú Agreement entered into force on 22 April 2021, is the first international treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean concerning the environment, and the first in the world to include provisions on the rights of environmental defenders. Furthermore, the Escazú Agreement strengthens the links between human rights and environmental protection by imposing requirements upon States parties concerning the rights of environmental defenders.