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Population estimates and projections updates for the Latin America and the Caribbean countries

17 June 2019|Briefing note

The CELADE - Population Division of ECLAC, together with the United Nations Population Division (UNPD), made available today to all its users the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects (WPP 2019), that has national level population estimates and projections of countries worldwide

The estimates and projections of population of the 20 Latin American countries at national level, which are presented on this web site, were prepared by CELADE- Population Division of ECLAC in conjunction with the Population Division of the United Nations (UNDP), and correspond to the medium variant of fertility. These figures include updates of the urban and rural population and of the economically active population resulting from changes in the total population. The national estimates and population projections cover the 1950-2100 period, those of the urban-rural population cover the 1950-2050 period, and those of the economically active population cover the 1980-2050 period.

Unlike the previous revision, this one includes estimates and population projections for the Caribbean countries which have been prepared by UNDP. The figures published here, as well as the eight additional variants elaborated by UNDP, are also available via the following link:

See tables: Latin America and the Caribbean: Population estimates and projections