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New Research Guide: Development Planning in the 60th anniversary of ILPES

23 January 2023|Briefing note

Published in Spanish, English and Portuguese, this living research and study resource systematizes the history of ILPES and development planning in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To commemorate its 60 years of existence, the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES) and ECLAC's Hernan Santa Cruz Library have produced a new research guide. It describes ILPES' six decades of contributions to development planning in Latin American and Caribbean countries.
The research guide presents the most significant publications, milestones and training activities in the 60-year history of ILPES. It gives an overview of the history of ILPES and development planning in Latin America and the Caribbean and is published in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
The bibliography covers the origins and creation of ILPES and each of the Institute's historical stages. It includes a selection of vital publications and seminars. It also presents the evolution of the objectives, themes, structure and pedagogical approach of ILPES' training offer for planning and public management.
The bibliography also includes a direct link to the Regional Observatory on Planning for Development. The main objective of this platform is to support the countries in the region strengthening their planning and public management processes, in addition to linking these processes with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, following national and subnational realities and priorities.