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New Research Guide: 75 years of ECLAC and ECLAC Thinking

18 April 2023|Briefing note

This research guide presents ECLAC's 75 years of economic, social and sustainable development contributions in Latin America and the Caribbean.


75 years of ECLAC Research Guide
75 years of ECLAC Research Guide

To commemorate ECLAC's 75th anniversary this year, the Hernán Santa Cruz Library has put together a new research guide. This resource highlights ECLAC's history and thinking from the origins and creation of the institution in 1948 to the present day. It is available in English and Spanish and includes sections for each of the eight decades of ECLAC's existence:medio de existencia:

•    The origins of ECLAC and the 1950s: The centre-periphery model and Industrialization
•    The 1960s: Structural reform for regional development
•    The 1970s: Development models in Latin America and the Caribbean
•    The 1980s: The debt crisis
•    The 1990s: Productive transformation with equity
•    The 2000s: Globalization, development and citizenship
•    The 2010s: Equality at the centre of sustainable development
•    The 2020s: Transformation of the development model into a more productive, inclusive, and sustainable one

Each section on the historical epochs presents significant milestones, activities, and formative events for ECLAC's thinking and history.

The sections also include a selection of iconic publications and documents, audiovisual materials, and a photo gallery. Thus, researchers can discover the evolution of ECLAC's objectives, themes, structure, and approach throughout history.

The research guide also dedicates a section to the ECLAC building which has been the "home" of ECLAC for most of the institution’s existence.