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New LibGuide launched on Migration

18 December 2020|Briefing note

As an initiative to commemorate International Migrants Day, the Hernán Santa Cruz Library and the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Center (CELADE) offer the community a new Libguide on Migration.

This new thematic portal offers users a broader look on the phenomenon of migration with emphasis on the economic, social, demographic and sanitary aspects of internal and external migration. An exhaustive compilation of migration laws and policies in the countries of the region is provided, as well as a revision of databases and statistical publications and a list of the active Migrant Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, among other resources.

We trust that this new LibGuide will help researchers that study this important topic and the civil society, in general, to have a broad and updated idea of migration and its more important aspects.

It can be consulted at the following link: