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The Latin America and the Caribbean Marketplace Explorer (LACME)

6 December 2022|Briefing note

ECLAC and ITC’s online tool provides a region-wide analysis of almost 3,000 websites representing about 900 goods-oriented marketplaces across 33 countries.

LACME is the first dashboard that monitors retail e-commerce marketplaces in the region. This free tool shows the user dynamics of goods-oriented marketplaces across 33 countries from 2019 to 2022 and a country-by-country benchmarking. The tool tracks visitor traffic and shows key features of almost 900 marketplaces and 2,900 marketplace websites, together with data on the e-commerce ecosystem in the countries.

During the last two years, the pandemic and the associated mobility restrictions impacted the ways of production, sale, and consumption of goods and services worldwide.  E-commerce facilitated not the sale and purchase of food and other basics but also allowed maintaining economic activity, in particular, that of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

However, a lack of timely data to monitor trends in both domestic and international e-commerce marketplaces hinders the ability of governments and businesses to formulate appropriate strategies to promote the digital economy and trade.

This innovative dashboard was developed by the ecomConnect team at the International Trade Centre (ITC), the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC), and the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) also supported its development.

Below are the 4 dashboards with data on Key Indicators by country and region, Traffic Analysis (trends), Figures by platform (individual), and Cross-border Traffic Analysis. For additional functions, such as data download, please visit ITC's website via the following link:


Dashboard 1: Key indicators by country and region



Dashboard 2: Traffic (trend) analysis



Dashboard 3: Figures per (individual) marketplace



Dashboard 4: Cross-border Traffic Analysis