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Hidden treasures - South-South Cooperation

Reports of the Commission activities carried out on technical and economic cooperation between developing countries and regions available in the ECLAC Digital Repository

12 September 2017|Briefing note

South-South cooperation, as an important element of international cooperation for development, offers viable opportunities for developing countries and countries with economies in transition in their individual and collective pursuit of sustained economic growth and sustainable development.

Selection of documents available in ECLAC Digital Repository, that record the activities carried out by the ECLA system relating to technical and, economic co-operation among developing countries and regions, established by the Plan of Action of Buenos Aires adopted by the United Nations Conference on Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30 August to 12 September 1978).

- Buenos Aires Plan of Action and the role of the ECLA system in co-operation among developing countries and regions (1979) ://

- Activities undertaken by the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) for the promotion of technical and economic co-operation among developing countries and regions: 


These and other documents about this topic can be found in the ECLAC Digital Repository ... 37,000 documents and publications, from 1948 onwards, in one place..

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