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Hernan Santa Cruz Library unveils upgraded ECLAC Digital Repository

12 September 2023|Briefing note

New version of the Digital Repository offers a complete technological revamp and significantly improves user experience and accessibility.


Digital Repository
Digital Repository

The Digital Repository plays a crucial role in managing, preserving and disseminating ECLAC’s intellectual heritage. It provides open access to over 45,000 digital objects, including all ECLAC publications since 1948, multimedia and other assets.

With a more user-friendly interface and improved functionalities using the latest technologies available (DSpace 7), users can navigate the portal more easily across different devices. The Repository is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. 

Open access and accessibility

The new version of the Digital Repository uses enriched metadata schemes and a new engine which contributes to consistent descriptions of the resources and more precise search results.

The Repository is compliant with the most recent OpenAIRE guidelines and standards enabling seamless integration and data sharing with other open repositories. The technical component “Application Programming Interface (API)” facilitates communication between the Digital Repository and other software applications such as websites and other content management systems. This interoperability ultimately enhances the visibility and accessibility of ECLAC’s knowledge products and research. 

The Repository also has improved access for persons with disabilities, in line with the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy.

Mobile-first design: Information at your fingertips

The new Repository is optimized for mobile devices, making ECLAC resources easier to access for an increasing group of users who primarily use smartphones to access the internet. Also, search engines tend to prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their search results. Therefore, the Repository’s new mobile-first design will further strengthen the positioning of ECLAC knowledge products.

Visit the Repository here.