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Guided Visits to the Exhibition: Seventy years of ECLAC in documents and pictures

Every Wednesday in 2018, the Hernán Santa Cruz Library will conduct guided tours of the documents and photographs commemorating 70 years of the Commission.

11 April 2018|Briefing note

The exhibition, organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Commission, and inaugurated by Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena, on January 10th, can now be visited at the Hernán Santa Cruz Library. Every Wednesday in 2018, the ECLAC Library will conduct guided visits to the exhibition (Spanish and English), between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

This exhibition brings together a series of publications and pictures from the organization’s historical archives that showcase its endeavours over the course of seven fertile decades.

The exhibition of files and documents offers and overview of the seminal works of ECLAC thinking, together with parliamentary documents and iconic publications that illustrate the origins and early years of the Commission up to the 1990s. Alongside this sample of the organization’s intellectual output is a special section dedicated to Raúl Prebisch, a leading figure within ECLAC from its inception.

Also on display are a number of items relating to the construction of the ECLAC headquarters building, an outstanding example of vanguard Latin American architecture in the second half of the twentieth century.

The exhibition of photographs contains a selection of images whose importance often goes beyond the merely documentary to provide a narrative of three aspects of the organization’s existence: the different offices where the Commission was housed in Santiago, most notably its current headquarters; a number of defining milestones, official ceremonies and key individuals who helped  shape the Commission’s governance and thinking; and, lastly, a gallery of international figures from the political and academic spheres whom ECLAC has been honoured to welcome.

We invite you to visit this exhibition, which will be updated soon with other relevant publications and material from the institutional historical archive. 

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