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ECLAC participated in the Water for Life Dialogues, organized in the City of Sucre, Bolivia

6 March 2023|Briefing note

ECLAC's Natural Resources Division participated in the event "Water Dialogues for Life", whose objective is to create a proposal for action that Bolivia will take to the United Nations World Water Conference, scheduled for 22 and March 24.

On March 6, the "Water for Life Dialogues" was organized in the City of Sucre, where they sought to consolidate the position of the Plurinational State of Bolivia regarding water for life, integral development within the framework of Living Well, in perspective of the United Nations World Water Conference, with the collective participation of all those involved to achieve the objectives in the public management of water and sanitation.

On behalf of ECLAC, Dr Silvia Saravia Matus, Economic Affairs Officer, from ECLAC's Natural Resources Division, opened the event and presented the Latin American context on water issues and the main results of the Regional Dialogues of the Water for Latin America and the Caribbean 2023. The doctor began by presenting the current situation and challenges that the region faces regarding water availability, and highlighted the current gaps in access to drinking water and sanitation.

Next, the Official emphasized the high call for the Regional Water Dialogues and the importance of the event in the preparatory process for the 2023 UN Water Conference for the entire region. Ms Saravia Matus highlighted the main result of the Regional Dialogues, which was the joint development of an Action Agenda for Water for Latin America and the Caribbean, which included the main voluntary commitments expressed by the countries, civil society and the regional institutions and organizations during the event. To close, the doctor emphasized that the Regional Water Action Agenda aligns and reinforces several previous treaties, agreements and strategies on water management and constitutes a call to action to mobilize all available political, technical and financial resources in and for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

In the following link you can access the recording of the session.