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ECLAC Launches New Book Showing Paths to Development in Brazil

3 September 2019|Briefing note

The organization’s office in Brasilia has organized a book that brings together essays with contributions on tackling structural economic “bottlenecks” and harnessing opportunities for the country’s development.


Lançamento Livro Alternativas para o desenvolvimento brasileiro:novos horizontes para a mudança estrutural com igualdade
From left to right: Wilson Cano (UNICAMP), André Biancarelli (UNICAMP), Camila Gramkow (ECLAC) and Marcos V. Chiliatto (ECLAC).

The United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), in collaboration with UNICAMP’s Institute of Economics, held an event to launch its new book Alternativas para o desenvolvimento brasileiro: novos horizontes para a mudança estrutural com igualdade (in Portuguese). The event took place on August 27 at UNICAMP, on the eve of the XII International Conference of the Brazilian Keynesian Association, which was held on August 28-30 in Campinas.

In 2018, ECLAC celebrated 70 years in existence. This prompted its Office in Brazil to compile in book form the contributions of a new generation influenced by structuralist thinking to discuss alternatives for the country’s development. The meeting of these Brazilian “young structuralists” in this book shows that, despite a context of major transformations in the international economy and deep uncertainties arising from the present circumstances,  structuralist thinking continues to be proactive – demonstrating that there are alternatives for forging more equitable development with greater sustainability.

The process that culminated in this book launch began with a seminar held in Brasilia at the Centro de Gestão e Estudos Estratégicos (CGEE) on April 5-6, 2018, with the presence of all the authors and with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking supported the publication and dissemination of this project.

The articles included in the book address challenges and opportunities for the country’s development in the coming years in light of various issues, such as external vulnerability, the fragility of public finances and of the State, innovation and productive diversification, the need for distributive social policies, and matters of environmental sustainability. The set of articles contained in the book can serve as the horizon for the debate about development alternatives for Brazil, articulating structural change with equality.

Participants in the event included the book’s organizer, Marcos V. Chiliatto, and the authors of various chapters (André Biancarelli – UNICAMP, André Calixtre – IPEA, Camila Gramkow – ECLAC, Guilherme Mello – UNICAMP, and Pedro Rossi – UNICAMP). Comments were made by the distinguished professor Wilson Cano and some 80 people attended, including researchers and scholars of Brazilian development. The event was also transmitted live.

According to Wilson Cano, “This is the kind of work that I call relevant. There are mountains of articles, elegantly written, but relevant research studies are rare…I am very happy because I see that ECLAC appears to have had a rebirth since the decade of the 2000s.”

The book can be accessed here:

The video of the book launch event can be viewed at this link: