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ECLAC Digital Repository: more than 7 million downloads during 2019

Free and open access to ECLAC’s information resources and key research tool for the region and the world.

23 December 2019|Briefing note

Since the launch of the first version of the ECLAC Digital Repository ( in May 2014, with approximately 35,000 documents and publications, the number of downloads has increased significantly.

Further to the launch, the repository was integrated into the ECLAC website in November of the same year. Together with the implementation of various positioning strategies, this move has resulted in an increase in downloads by 430 percent from 2015 to today. Strategies included Indexing the Repository on Google; Integration with other repositories through data harvesting (RePEc, REALC/OLADE, library search engines); Updating the original version with a new interface and new features; and Developing a more intuitive search. This move saw 1,211,115 downloads in 2015, and an increase to 3,201,400 in 2017, a growth of 164 percent.

Updated daily with more than 300 publications and audiovisual material published annually by ECLAC, the Repository today preserves more than 45,000 digital objects in various formats, resulting in 7 million downloads during 2019. The ECLAC Digital Repository facilitates free and open access to the Commission's information resources and remains a key research tool within Latin America and the Caribbean and around the world. It provides an instant picture of ECLAC's trajectory and thinking over the years; and its existence, seeks to increase the visibility and impact of ECLAC's work in the region.

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