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COVID-19 mortality: Evidence and scenarios is the main topic of the 2020's Demographic Observatory

4 February 2021|Briefing note

CELADE is pleased to present its readers with this edition of the Demographic Observatory, which uses national sources of data on deaths from civil registry offices and health information systems to analyse the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on mortality in the countries of the region. In addition, by means of a simulation exercise based on different scenarios of COVID-19 prevalence rates, it estimates the impact of COVID-19-related deaths on life expectancy at birth for the 38 countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean.

This edition contains a diagnostic assessment of mortality due to COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the objective of providing countries with inputs regarding the mortality estimates that are currently available and possible impacts of the pandemic on life expectancy at birth under a variety of scenarios. The idea is also to underline the importance of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems data for drawing up diagnostic assessments of the COVID-19 situation in the region, as key inputs for defining and implementing actions. This information also needs to be both timely and, at a minimum, broken down at the subnational level by
sex, age and cause of death.

The information used to prepare this edition of the Demographic Observatory corresponds to official information on deaths and causes of death available until 31st. October 2020, as well as population estimates and projections prepared by the United Nations.

The estimates and projections for Latin America and the Caribbean were prepared by the United Nations Population Division, and in collaboration with CELADE–Population Division of ECLAC for 20 countries of Latin America. The information corresponding to population estimates and projections (medium variant) in the Latin American and Caribbean countries is also available at the following link.

This edition of the Demographic Observatory is the first in a new format, in which a demographic topic of interest will be analysed every year.