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CELADE joins the Secretary-General's UNITE campaign to end violence against women

9 December 2021|Briefing note

The Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Center (CELADE) - Population Division of ECLAC has joined the Secretary-General’s UNITE campaign to put an end to violence against women, which this year adopted the slogan “Ya es Ya” in Spanish (Now is now) within the United Nations system in the region.

As a team, we assume the objective of combating and eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence against women as noted in the Montevideo Consensus on population and development>, which in chapter E on Gender Equality includes agreements not only with regard to femicide and intra-family violence, but also concerning  prevention and punishment of political harassment, sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace, and education and forced sterilization, among others.

In paragraph 58 of the Montevideo Consensus, approved in 2013, the region’s countries agreed to “Reaffirm the commitment and political will of Latin America and the Caribbean, at the highest level, to combat and eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women, including domestic violence and femicide/feminicide, and actively promote awareness-raising regarding gender mainstreaming among law enforcement personnel”.