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ECLAC brings Caribbean disaster assessment expertise to Argentina

ECLAC Caribbean sets out to build the capacity of public officials in Argentina to conduct disaster assessments, determine their own recovery and reconstruction path in the aftermath of disasters, and incorporate measures to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience.

5 July 2017|News

Knowledge, insights and lessons harnessed through the assessment of multiple disasters across the Caribbean will soon benefit public officials in Argentina, as the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) subregional headquarters for the Caribbean prepares to carry out a suite of disaster training and assessment exercises in the South American country during the month of July. 

Through the application of its standardized disaster assessment methodology, ECLAC has already successfully achieved similar results in many countries across Latin America and the Caribbean during the past two years. 

The ECLAC mission to Argentina will comprise two training sessions, which will be followed by a two-week disaster assessment. The first training session, to be held on 4-5 July, will target regional government officials, and the second, on 6-7 July, will target national officials. Both training sessions will take place in Buenos Aires.ECLAC will then undertake a two-week disaster assessment mission in a number of locations in Argentina. 

The exercise is part a technical cooperation agreement between ECLAC Caribbean and the government of Argentina, to be implemented over a 12-month period. 

The mission, which will draw on the expertise of a broad range of experts, will be led by the Coordinator of ECLAC Caribbean’s Sustainable Development and Disaster Unit, Dr. Omar Bello, and include other staff members of ECLACandeight international consultants.




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