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Distinguished Economist Samuel Bowles Will Give a Keynote Lecture at ECLAC

8 March 2018|Announcement

During a visit to Chile, on Tuesday, March 13 he will speak about the origins and future of economic inequality.

The distinguished US Economics Professor and Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program at the Santa Fe Institute (in Santa Fe, New Mexico), Samuel Bowles, will give a keynote lecture at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago, Chile, next Tuesday, March 13.

In the framework of a visit to Chile, Professor Bowles will offer a talk entitled “The Origins and Future of Economic Inequality: Institutions, Technology and Politics” at 11 a.m. in ECLAC’s Raúl Prebisch conference room. He will be welcomed by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations regional organization, Alicia Bárcena.

Bowles, who is also Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, has specialized in the theoretical and empirical research of political hierarchy and wealth inequality and their evolution over the long term. His studies on cultural and genetic evolution have challenged the conventional economic assumption that people are motivated exclusively by self-interest. And in recent papers, he has explored how organizations, communities and nations could be better governed given that altruistic and ethical motives are common in most populations.

The author of numerous books, Bowles has also worked as an economic advisor to the governments of Cuba, South Africa and Greece; to US presidential candidates Robert F. Kennedy and Jesse Jackson; to the legislature of the State of New Mexico (in the United States); to the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU); and to South African President Nelson Mandela.

Members of the media are invited to attend this lecture. Journalists must carry their media credentials or identity documents with them to gain entry.   

The keynote lecture will be broadcasted live in this link

What: Keynote lecture by Samuel Bowles.


  • Samuel Bowles, US Economics Professor and Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program at the Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).
  • Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary.

When: Tuesday, March 13, 11 a.m.

Where: ECLAC’s headquarters. Av. Dag Hammarskjöld 3477, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile (Raúl Prebisch room).