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The Information Resource and Distribution Center (CRIDD)

Explora - the information resources of the library

About us

The Center of Information Resources and Documents Distribution (CRIDD) of the ECLAC subregional headquarters in Mexico supports the Commission’s research mandate by facilitating access to information resources to internal and external researchers. CRIDD distributes the Commission’s intellectual output, especially to economic decision-makers, primarily in Mexico and Central America.

Feel free to contact us with your research questions, requests for ECLAC Resource Training (CEPAL STAT and ECLAC Repository) or our participation in your events.


The special collection of the Information Resource Center and Document Distribution (CRIDD) in Mexico City is concentrated on the economic and social development issues of the 10 countries that are served by the Subregional Headquarters of ECLAC in Mexico, namely, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.  In addition to the collections for each of the 10 countries, the library maintains a general collection of materials on matters related to economic, social and sustainable development, environment, energy, disaster mitigation, international trade, rural development. The library also maintains reference collections, censuses, surveys and a newspaper library.