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Virtual Seminar on COVID-19: Strategies for a geospatial response in the Americas

Webex platform. Facilitated by ECLAC and UN-GGIM: Americas

Reunión virtual / Virtual meeting, Chile - 15 May 2020


The overarching aim of this Virtual Seminar Series is to provide Member States and stakeholders with instruction and opportunity to share and collaborate on geospatial methods, procedures, technology and data in the COVID-19 response. This will serve to deepen collaboration and foster knowledge exchange to enable Member States; the United Nations, its Regional Commissions, UN-GGIM Regional Committees and other organs; international organisations; academia; and, the private sector to use geospatial information to meet the challenge of COVID-19.

Specific items which will be presented and discussed in the Seminar Series will include:

  • Discussing experiences from Member States and Regional Commissions and Regional UN-GGIM Committees on how they have met the challenge of COVID-19, reviewing progress and identifying challenges faced;
  • Demonstrations on developing a national dashboard, which highlights data needs, available resources and good practices on developing a COVID-19 dashboard;
  • Highlighting good practices on using geospatial information for public health and safety through bringing more intelligence and situational awareness to the data and decision-making;
  • Providing a discussion on the challenges and tensions of using geospatial information to strengthen safety, while balancing the privacy implications;
  • Providing principles and guidance on immediate actions to strengthen capacity;
  • Identifying available resources for Member States and others to use in their COVID-19 response; and,
  • Providing discussion on how to optimise resources to respond in the short and medium-term impact of COVID-19, while preparing for the long-term implications of public health and safety crises or emergencies.


  • 11:00 to 11:15
    Bienvenida y puesta en escena / Welcome and setting the scene

    » Modera / Moderate: Paloma Merodio Gómez, Presidenta de UN-GGIM: Américas / President, UN-GGIM: Americas

    • Palabras de bienvenida / Welcome remarks
      • Paloma Merodio, Presidenta de UN-GGIM: Américas / President, UN-GGIM: Americas
      • Rolando Ocampo, Director de la División de Estadísticas de la CEPAL / Director, ECLAC Statistics Division
      Greg Scott, UNSD
      Puesta en escena / Setting the Scene
  • 11:15 to 11:35
    El contexto de respuesta en las Américas / The response context in the Americas

    » Modera / Moderate:  Macarena Pérez, Vicepresidenta UN-GGIM: Américas / Vice President, UN-GGIM: Americas

    • Rolando Ocampo, CEPAL / ECLAC
      Regional overview and ECLAC COVID-19 Observatory
      Alvaro Monett, CEPAL / ECLAC
      Results of the response to COVID-19 questionnaire in the Americas
  • 11:35 to 12:05
    Presentaciones / Presentations

    » Modera / Moderate: Greg Scott, UNSD

    • Eric Van Praag, ESRI
      COVID-19 sharing and collaboration platforms
      Lorraine McNerney, Ordnance Survey Irlanda
      GeoHive - Grupo de Coordinación de Respuesta COVID- 19
      Macarena Perez, Sistema Nacional de Coordinación de Información Territorial (SNIT), Chile
      From Visualization to Communication
  • 12:05 to 12:45
    Ejemplos de buenas prácticas / Good practices examples

    » Modera / Moderate:  Álvaro Monett, CEPAL / ECLAC

  • 12:45 to 13:15
    Preguntas y discusiones moderadas / Questions and moderated discussions

    » Modera / Moderate: Greg Scott, UNSD and Álvaro Monett, CEPAL / ECLAC

  • 13:15 to 13:30
    Cierre / Closure
    • • Paloma Merodio Gómez, Presidenta de UN-GGIM: Américas / President, UN-GGIM: Americas
      • Rolando Ocampo, Director de la División de Estadísticas de la CEPAL / Director, ECLAC Statistics Division
Serie de Seminarios Virtuales de UN-GGIM / Virtual Seminar Series of UN-GGIM
15 May 2020
Meetings and technical symposiums
Plataforma de conexión: Webex / Webex platform
(11:00 -13:15, hora de Chile, UTC-4)
Reunión virtual / Virtual meeting


Álvaro Monett
Statistics Division
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
(56-2) 2210 2197



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