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Towards a Circular Economy Policy in Drinking Water and Sanitation in El Salvador - Technical Assistance

20 December 2023|Event

The technical assistance session, held virtually on December 20, 2023, aimed to promote the circular economy in the water and sanitation sector of El Salvador. There was a strong emphasis on the theoretical and applied principles of the circular economy for the design of public policies in the water sector. The session highlighted El Salvador's commitment to improving water management as part of the Water Sustainability Network and Observatory (ROSA) project.

The session began with an introduction to the ROSA project, emphasizing its role in strengthening water management in Latin America and the Caribbean. The main objectives were to present circular economy principles applicable to public policy in drinking water and sanitation, and to support the design of a national circular water policy.

Silvia Saravia Matus, Economic Affairs Officer at ECLAC, provided the context and objectives of the session. María Blanco and Irene Blanco, international consultants from ECLAC's Natural Resources Division and professors at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, discussed the theoretical and applied principles of the circular economy in water management for the Salvadoran context. The presentations were followed by an open space for discussion among the participants from the Salvadoran Water Authority (ASA) for an exchange of knowledge, questions, and doubts. The technical assistance was followed by a discussion on the necessary steps to develop a circular economy policy in El Salvador, where the president of ASA, Eng. Jorge Castaneda, indicated that the exchange provided a good foundation for advancing the design of such a policy in the country.

The session concluded with Silvia Saravia Matus, who summarized the key points and outlined the next steps to be taken. The conclusion emphasized the importance of circular economy principles in sustainable water management and the formulation of sectoral and national public policies.