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SAMOA Pathway Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting

6 August 2018|Event

The SAMOA Pathway Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting will be held from 7-9 August 2018, in San Pedro, Belize, to be preceded by the Caribbean Regional Partnership Dialogue on 6 August also in San Pedro

 The Regional Preparatory Meeting will allow Caribbean SIDS an opportunity to assess progress achieved in the implementation of the SAMOA Pathway, identify emerging priorities to be presented at the interregional meeting, to be held in Samoa in October 2018 and discuss possible themes and desirable outcomes of the mid-term review of the SAMOA Pathway which will be held in September 2019 in New York. The Regional Partnership Dialogue will provide Caribbean SIDS with an opportunity to assess the status of partnerships for the region, identify best practices and gaps and strengthen the review and monitoring process of SIDS partnerships.

  1. Opening of the Meeting
  2. Organisational Matters
    1. Adoption of Agenda, Procedural Matters, Organization of work
  3. Session 1: Overview of the implementation of the SAMOA pathway in the Caribbean: Towards a common narrative for sustainable development in the Caribbean
  4. Session 2: Assessing Progress in SAMOA Pathway Implementation: Achievements, Gaps and Challenges
  5. Session 3: Towards a Programme for Implementation of SAMOA Pathway in the Caribbean
  6. Session 4: Addressing Caribbean Challenges with Means of Implementation
    1. Resource Mobilization
    2. Developing genuine and durable partnerships
    3. Private Sector and Civil Society engagement and support
  7. Session 5: Presentation & Adoption of Draft Regional Outcome
  8. Closing Session