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The results of ECLAC's public consultation to identify water priorities of Caribbean countries have been published

16 November 2022|Event

ECLAC developed a Caribbean open consultation to showcase the region's priorities on water resources. The consultation was conducted through an open online survey between August and October 2022. It intended to collect contributions from different regional stakeholders, as inputs to the preparatory process of the United Nations Water Conference 2023.

The open survey recorded more than 460 responses, coming from 15 Caribbean and English-speaking countries of Latin America. Most respondents self-identified as representatives of the public and private sectors, and academia. In addition, the participation of NGOs, international organizations and civil societies was also recorded. Close to equal participation was recorded for men and women.

The participants were asked to choose the three most relevant actions in the water sector that they believe are needed in the Caribbean region. Regarding the answers, the main focus was put on strengthening the governance and institutional system towards Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change (extreme events and rising sea levels) was the second most popular preference and, as the third priority the ensuring of sustainable groundwater management was highlighted.

More information about these results can be found in the attached report "ECLAC Open Consultation Identification of water priorities for Caribbean countries".