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Expert Group Meeting Advancing the Rights and Perspectives of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Development and Society

15 November 2016|Event

The Expert Group Meeting will work to:
·    Take stock of existing mechanisms to promote gender-responsive and disability-inclusive development, including existing technical assistance programs and funding mechanisms and mainstreaming efforts;
·    Identify strategies within the UN and among Member States, the private sector  and civil society, to address persistent challenges and barriers to the empowerment of women and girls with disabilities and bring the gender and disability agendas together; and
·    Develop recommendations to amplify the voices of women with disabilities and to strengthen gender and disability mainstreaming across activities to implement, monitor and report on the 2030 Agenda, drawing on lessons learned from past experiences and good practices;
·    Identify opportunities and challenges for mainstreaming gender and disability in the operationalization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean:  translating “leaving no one behind” into regional and national programmes and actions.