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First meeting of the Ad Hoc Committe on Population and Development of the ECLAC session

15 April 1996|Event

At the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Conference on Population and Development (Mexico, DF, 29 April-4 May 1993), preparatory to the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) (Cairo, September 1994) , A statement entitled "Latin American and Caribbean Consensus on Population and Development" was adopted unanimously, expressing the joint position of the countries of the region in the areas of population and development. The objectives and goals of this Consensus shape the vision and aspirations of the region regarding the relationship between population, development and the environment, as well as the advancement of human rights and the fight against inequality in living conditions. Between social groups, ethnic groups, geographical areas and men and women.

With the premise that greater mutual support among the countries of the region would allow them to move more solidly toward achieving these goals and targets, the countries decided at the Regional Conference to promote the adoption of a regional action plan. Therefore, the general purposes of that plan should aim precisely at facilitating the integration and exchange of national experiences in the formulation and implementation of population policies and programs, both past and present.

In order to ensure proper implementation, monitoring and review of the Regional Action Plan, the countries agreed at the twenty-fifth session of ECLAC to hand over this responsibility to the Special Committee on Population and Development, which met for the first time The occasion of the twenty-sixth session in San José, Costa Rica.