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Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) training session - Cusco, Peru

16-19 Jun 2015 | Workshop

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) subregional office for the Caribbean is strengthening the capacity of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to assess the damages and losses caused by disasters.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course

Target audience

Sectoral specialists, as well as experts from institutions involved with disaster management and disaster risk reduction


These sessions are being conducted as part of a series of ECLAC training courses that will strengthen the ability of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to assess damage and losses caused by natural disasters.

Considering the fact that Latin America and the Caribbean ranks as one of the regions most affected by disasters, this training will help provide countries with the knowledge to determine their own recovery and reconstruction path, and to incorporate future measures to reduce vulnerabilities and increase resilience.

This particular session will inform participants on the complexities of a disaster, the characteristics of each sector and how to properly apply the DaLA methodology, as well as the necessary information to do this in a time-effective manner. Participants will study the application of the methodology in specific sectors: agriculture; water and sanitation; commerce; education; health; housing; and macroeconomic impacts.

This course will serve as the first step towards the inauguration of a certification process for public servants in Peru involved with disaster risk reduction and management.