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Redatam workshop 2019: Database creation and development of web applications for data processing and dissemination with Redatam Webserver

19-30 Aug 2019 | Workshop

This course is part of the technical assistance and teaching activities that CELADE-Population Division of ECLAC provides to national and international institutions of the region for the use and dissemination of statistics and socio-demographic information from each country.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course
Sobre el financiamiento
Nota: Los valores anteriormente señalados no incluyen los costos de transporte, alojamiento y alimentación. Estos son responsabilidad de los participantes o de las instituciones que los patrocinan.

Alejandra Silva

Alejandra Silva

Target audience

The course is aimed at professionals, technicians and users in general ideally, with experience and knowledge in data management and processing


The objective of the workshop is twofold: first, to train participants in the creation of Redatam databases, with emphasis in the migration of external sources such as DBF, CSPro, SPSS, ASCII into Redatam format. Secondly, to develop a web application using the Redatam Webserver platform and language. This application will allow online processing of the statistical microdata through the Internet.


At the end of the course the participants will have learned to 1. create databases in Redatam format with the Redatam7 Create module, 2. review, process, and tabulate variables with the Redatam7 Process module, 3. administer the database with the Redatam7 Admin module and, 4. design and deploy a web application using the local IIS server and the Redatam Webserver platform.