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Latin American and Caribbean Workshop on Assessing the Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Population Ageing

9-11 Sep 2019 | Workshop

The Workshop objective is to introduce innovative methods for assessing the medium- and long-run economic and fiscal impacts of population ageing.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course

Marta Duda- Nyczak

Marta Duda- Nyczak

Target audience

The Workshop is intended for government officials and national professionals (demographers, statisticians, economists and others) involved in envisioning national futures via population, economic, fiscal or budgetary forecasts.


It is expected that participants will be informed on the use of population projections for economic and fiscal planning and thereby ensure long-term sustainable development.


Sessions will cover the following topics:
• Assessing likely impacts of changing age structure on economic growth via the “demographic dividend” and “demographic tax.”
• Forecasts of GDP per capita over long time-horizons through the use of demographic data.
• Demographic “stress-tests” of support systems for older persons (financial, familial, and public sector).
• Measurement and international comparisons of generosity of benefits provided through education, health care, and pensions by societal-as-whole and by the public sector.
• Forecasts of future public spending on education, health care, and pensions in an older and wealthier Latin America and the Caribbean.