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In our collection of publications on Population and Development, we address the most relevant topics for the analysis and understanding of population dynamics and their impact on development. Explore crucial areas such as aging, internal migration, and demographic estimates and projections. We also study the population and housing census, equity and equality, and mortality and health. Our documents offer a detailed analysis of the relationship between population and development, as well as fertility and reproductive health. Additionally, we provide comprehensive information on indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples. Through rigorous analysis and precise methodologies, we offer an integral platform for academics, policymakers, and anyone interested in population studies. Highlighted topics: Aging, Internal Migration, Estimates and Projections, Population and Housing Census, Equity and Equality, Mortality and Health, Population and Development, Fertility and Reproductive Health, Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples.

Pueblos indígenas y afrodescendientes
Envejecimiento y desarrollo
Dinámica de población
Transferencias intergeneracionales
Migración interna e internacional
Serie Población y Desarrollo: