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Publication Selections

  • Banner Asuntos de genero

    Main topics: sexual and reproductive rights, care economy, machineries for women’s advancement, gender affairs, women’s political participation, violence against women, equality policies and gender mainstreaming, and time use.

  • Banner Comercio internacional

    Main topics: trade and environment, innovation, participation in the global economy, South-South trade, relations between Latin America and Asia-Pacific, multilateral negotiations, trade policy, trade facilitation, trade agreements.

  • Banner Desarrollo economico

    Main topics: economic indicators and projections, financing for development, structural heterogeneity, inflation, employment and wages, investment, monetary policy, macroeconomics, remittances, fiscal policy, microeconomics, terms of trade.

  • Banner Desarrollo productivo y empresarial

    Main topics: agriculture and rural development, structural change, privatization, business strategies, business networks and clusters, information and communications technologies (ICT), foreign direct investment, SMEs, industrial policy and development.

  • Banner Desarrollo social

    Main topics: social capital, youth, social rights, equity and equality, social innovation, health, social policies and programmes, education, social protection, families, social gratification and mobility, persons with disabilities.

  • Banner desarrollo sostenible y asentamientos humanos

    Main topics: policies for sustainability, climate change, sustainable development, environmental impact assessment, human settlements, urban and local development, natural disasters.

  • Banner Gestion publica y planificacion del desarrollo

    Main topics: tax administration, public finances, evaluation of policies and programmes, e-government, decentralization, public management, role of the State, economic and social prospective studies, territorial development and development planning.

  • Banner Poblacion y desarrollo

    Main topics: ageing, migration, internal migration, estimates and projections, population and housing censuses, equity and equality, mortality and health, population and development, fertility and reproductive health, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants.