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CEPAL Review no. 136

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CEPAL Review no. 136

Physical Description: 215 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Date: April 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2022/5-P

Table of contents

Determinants of capital accumulation in Latin America / Jeruza Haber, Leonardo Bornacki de Mattos and Luciano Dias de Carvalho .-- Foreign direct investment in Latin America from the perspective of illicit financial flows: “cocacolonisation” of saving? / Katiuska King Mantilla .-- Development model, labour precariousness and new social inequalities in Latin America / Dídimo Castillo Fernández .-- Technological change and labour market trends in Latin America and the Caribbean: a task content approach / Ignacio Apella and Gonzalo Zunino .-- A strategy for development with income redistribution: the minimum wage and growth fronts in Mexico / Ricardo Bielschowsky, Miguel del Castillo, Gabriel Squeff, Roberto Orozco and Hugo Beteta .-- Pension arrangements and economic thinking: unreal assumptions and false predictions in the case of Argentina / Milva Geri .-- The ECLA-BNDE Economic Development Centre and the training of a generation of development planners in Brazil / Elisa Klüger, Sergio Wanderley and Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa .-- International engagement of Brazilian agribusinesses: a comparative analysis / Rebecca Lima Albuquerque Maranhão and José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho .-- Unionization and wages: a quantile analysis / Gustavo Saraiva Frio, Marco Túlio Aniceto França and Davi Salomão Canavesi Farias Eskenazi .-- The effects of oil royalties on regional inequality in Brazil / Rafaela Nascimento Santos, Luiz Carlos de Santana Ribeiro and José Ricardo de Santana.

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