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Competition institutions in Mexico in relation to COVID‐19 and the economic recovery

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Author: Navarro, Ignacio UN symbol.: LC/TS.2021/14 55 p. Editorial: ECLAC February 2021


This study is part of the activities envisaged under the “Enhance access to markets” cluster of the Development Account project “Global Initiative towards post-COVID-19 resurgence of the MSME Sector”. Its main purpose is to analyse the measures adopted by the competition authorities of the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean in support of small and medium-sized enterprises during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in order to facilitate their recovery.

The aim of this study is to examine the main policy actions implemented by Mexican competition authorities to address the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic and to stimulate economic recovery of SMEs. In terms of the operational measures taken by SMEs to contend with the crisis, digitization appears an important tool, enabling them to pivot to new online distribution channels and new ways of organizing production. This highlights the importance of competition authorities ensuring that SMEs have access to marketplaces and digital platforms on competitive terms.

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Introduction .-- I. The problem of market access for SMEs as a result of the pandemic .-- II. Institutional environment for competition .-- III. Measures and policies to support SMEs during the pandemic and in the recovery .-- IV. The road ahead.