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An assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change on the water sector in the Caribbean

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UN symbol.: LC/CAR/L399 114 p.: tables, figures. Editorial: ECLAC March 2013


The Caribbean is not homogenous with regard to water resources. The Caribbean climate can be characterized as tropical rainy, with two well-defined seasons, one, rainy, and another, less rainy: these characteristics have specificities according to the geographical location of each country. The rainy, tropical character of the Caribbean climate may suggest that there are enough water resources to satisfy life requirements. Notwithstanding, the availability and distribution of water depends on geological and geographical factors that—given the insular character and characteristics of each country—make water resources both vulnerable and limited.

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.--I. Introduction.--II. The hydrological cycle and climate change.--III. Water resources in the Caribbean.--IV. Climate change impacts on Caribbean water resources.--V. Cost benefit analysis of adaptation and mitigation: levelized costs and multi-criteria assessment.--VI. Conclusions and recommendations

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